Spring and summer in Camargue

Spring and summer in Camargue, are two seasons when many things happen for Birders.

Many Migratory Breeding birds are coming from Africa to breed in Provence.
Because the Camargue has many sanctuaries where wildlife and biodiversity are the priorities.
Is then an ideal area for nesting.

Breeding birds.

The Collared Pratincole breeds in loose colonies. The Purple Heron is strongly attached to wetland and river delta.
The white plumage of the Squacco Heron makes his observation easier.

The most colourful birds we can observe every spring time in Provence are the European Rollers and the European Bee-eaters. Both species are coming in spring time to Provence.
In May they find in Camargue the perfect area to built their nest.
In summer the great numbers of insects flying other the wetland of the delta of the Rhône are necessary to breed the young birds and to make reserves before flying back to Africa in September.

We can observe as well the Cuckoos, in Camargue the Cuckoo can be heard in April.
As the Great Spotted Cuckoo, which is not an easy bird to observe.

In Provence in the villages or farm called Mas in provençal, the Hoopoe nests in old trees, the swift, the barn swallow and the house Martin choose the old construction.

One of the magnificent birds of Camargue is the Great flamingo.
They are now resident breeding species.
Since the 1990 a large colonie of Great Flamingos has settle down in Camargue.
The plumage of the young Flamingos are black and white, then they turn pink when they reach the age of 3.
The colour of the Great flamingo is due to the pigment find in their allimentation, the Artemia salina an aquatic invertebrates, present in the marsh and salty water.

Camargue is the place to go to when you are a Birder in Provence. We have the chance in our region to have great sites as the Alpilles Mountain chain of the Sainte Victoire Mountain…
Where we will see different species than the ones observed in Camargue.

Check out these birds

Spring and summer in Camargue

Great Flamingo
Bee Eater
Rollier Europe Eygaliere Destet
Squacco Heron
Great Reed Wabler
Great Flamingo Bee Eater Rollier Europe Eygaliere Destet Squacco Heron Great Reed Wabler

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